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Economic Opportunity

Most of us were raised to believe in the “American Dream,” that with hard work and determination, we can achieve financial security through a good job with benefits, or through our own successful business. We want a secure home, quality education for our kids, and neighborhoods that are safe and friendly. We want quality medical care and to retire with dignity. Many of us have never had the opportunity to make this dream come true. In Davidson County, one out of every seven people lives below the official federal poverty guideline; one of every five children in our county also experience this low standard of living. A recent survey indicates that nearly 80% of the US population will experience economic insecurity at some point in life. If the American Dream has never come true for you, and you want a real opportunity for financial independence, we can help.

Perhaps you have recently been laid off from work, and can’t pay your rent or light bill. You might have suffered a divorce or death in the family, or be saddled with sky-high medical bills. Whatever the reason, right now you may feel as though your life is in crisis. In most cases, we can help you overcome today’s emergency, either from us or another source. But what happens tomorrow? Our service is unique in that we provide our participants with comprehensive services to move permanently from a life dependent on emergency assistance, government programs or private charity, to one that is dignified by economic independence and self-determination.

Through the federal Community Service Block Grant, administered state-wide by the NC Office of Economic Opportunity, we are able to offer low-wage workers and their families in Davidson County a way to achieve the American Dream. If you qualify and enroll in this initiative, you will work with a counselor who will help you to establish your own goals in the areas of employment, education, housing, and more. We can assist you with referrals, help you to budget your money effectively, plan and save for the future, and be an advocate for you each step of the way.

Davidson County Community Action has been a champion for low-wage workers and their families since 1965. We have the connections, the knowledge, and the ability to help you accomplish your dreams. We urge you to download an application by clicking the link to the left, fill it out, come to our office and talk with a counselor. We see clients every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9AM to noon, and 2PM to 4PM.

You may quailify to participate in the Economic Self-Sufficiency Initiative if your annual income for the past 90 days does not exceed:

Family Size Income


2 $24,650
3 $31,075
4 $37,500
5 $43,925
6 $50,350
7 $56,775
8 $63,200

For families with more than 8 members, add $6,425 for each additional member.

Non-cash government assistance and certain cash assets are not counted in determining the income listed above. Please see a counselor to calculate your income according to program guidelines.

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